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September 2020 - Where Are We At?

Dr. Mason is working on a study in conjunction with Morris Animal Foundation.  At the University of Minnesota Dr. Modiano is working on an early detection test for osteosarcoma.

Dec 2019 - "Adoptive Cell Therapy"

I hope you share my pride in what we have accomplished this year. We came together with our ideas, our time, our resources, and energy.  As a result of your generous support, GREYlong sent a check for $21,000 to the University of Minnesota, College of Veterinary Medicine in support of a study entitled "Adoptive Cell Therapy using Genetically Engineered Natural Killer Cells for Osteosarcoma" (Bruce Walcheck, PhD)

July 2019 - To CBD or Not

It seems that CBD (Cannabidiol) treats are in every store and
recommended for every issue. What is it? Can it help my pet?

December 2018 - Facing an Osteo Sarcoma Diagnosis

Maya's Story

December 2017 - Brushing up on Dental Care

What type of dental hygiene is necessary for your pet?

June 2017 - Getting Your Pet a Tune Up

We are fortunate to have access to great veterinary care. Our primary vet takes care of our dogs’ shots, dentistry, and check ups. When something odd or different happens, we consult on differing treatments and potential benefits.

February 2017 - Progress

GREYlong came together in 2006 after several pet owners had lost companion animals to diseases with no known cure or treatment options. It is reasonable to ask, “Where are we ten years later?”

June 2016 - Summer Camp Tricks and Treats

Dogs always enjoy a walk, early in the morning, when it is cool. Since summer and the hot weather are officially here, maybe it is time for some indoor activities? Think of it as summer camp for your dog. We have two articles with suggestions for you.

January 2016 - 101 Recap | Study Updates 2015 | Events Roundup

As in 101 Dalmatians or 101 ways to wash your dog? Not exactly.
Multiply 101 by a thousand dollars and you have the amount of money GREYlong has donated to various studies to cure and treat canine cancer. 

September 2015 - New Website | Event Round-ups | Pupsicles for the Summer

We are so excited to announce the launch of a bold new look for the GREYlong website. We hope you will agree that this new look reflects the energy the GREYlong family brings to our goal of preventing, treating and curing canine cancer through good science.

January 2015 - Amazing | GREYlong’s 2015 Study | Event Roundups

Our amazing team helped GREYlong have a record year in 2014. GREYlong distributed over $20,000, representing an
increase of $5,000 from 2013, to the University of Pennsylvania and the University of Minnesota Veterinary schools to support two studies on osteosarcoma and to continue funding a study on hemangiosarcoma.

September 2014 - Seasonal Allergies | Maypoling 4 R Mutts and The Gathering

It is that time of the year. I love the fall.  The leaves change colors; the weather cools. The dogs love the long walks in the brisk air. It is the “ragweed” time of year that I dread. Two of our dogs, Muffin and Murphy, had fall allergies.

May 2014 - Osteosarcoma Vaccine Tested at the University of Pennsylvania Shows Promise

In conversations earlier this year with Dr. Nicola Mason, assistant professor of medicine at University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine, we learned how a vaccine composed of modified bacteria called listeria, is being used to treat OS.  Great results with Sasha still alive at 690 days post treatment and three dogs over 600 days.

December 2013 - Dogged Determination | GREYLong’s New Logo

How similar are the cancers of dogs and people?  What’s the advantage of studying cancer in dogs and then applying those finding to people?

June 2013 - Recapping the Gathering

It is a play day extraordinaire. The lake holds such attraction for most of the dogs.  The pups leap into the water; some paddle about; some lie chest deep in the lake. There are informal dog races around the fence, through the pavilion. Then there are the meeter greeter pups who think life is all about a cuddle and a pat.

January 2013 - Looking for Eddie

Murphy misses a friend.

September 2012 - GREYLong’s First On-line Auction

When supporters live in different parts of the country, it’s difficult to have events and fundraisers that can include everyone. That is, if everyone has to be physically present. The beauty of an on-line auction, which GREYlong will host October 1 – 7, is that everyone can participate.

May 2012 - Maypolin' 4 R Mutts

We wrapped up our fifth annual rummage sale, our most successful ever.  Donations came in slowly and we feared the worst.  Had GREYlong already cleared everyone’s garages and closets? You proved us wrong. We set up a virtual living room with an antique settee and
side chairs, wood/glass cocktail table, and upholstered dining chairs. 

December  2011 - Gallivanting at Kill Creek beach

 a significant cause of death in large and giant dog breeds.
Because of the strong breed predilection for bone cancer, it is believed that genetic mutations predispose dogs to develop this disease.

June 2011 - Staying Summer Safe

As the days grow longer, they’re also getting hotter.  And hot weather means taking a few precautions to keep everyone safe, especially our canine pals. The American Veterinary Medical Association recommends several safeguards.

February 2011 - Canine Osteosarcoma Profiling Update

Osteosarcoma, commonly known as bone cancer, is a significant cause of death in large and giant dog breeds.
Because of the strong breed predilection for bone cancer, it is believed that genetic mutations predispose dogs to develop this disease.

January 2010 - Getting a Grip on Bone Cancer

The word ―osteosarcoma‖ is all too familiar in greyhound circles, where pet parents mourn the loss of thousands of beloved dogs each year. The one glimmer of hope in the fight against this deadly disease is the ongoing innovative research that will lead to new treatments and, ultimately, a cure.

August 2010 - Brooke's Story

Even I could Learn "Sit, Down, Stay" altough it took 20 weeks.

September 2009 - Wide Wonderful World of Dogs'neyland

Our first Gallivantasia event at Kill Creek Beach

May 2009 - From the Heart

I always say "love is not enough." It's one of the reasons that GREYlong was formed.

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